Steel Pans – Key Features And Benefits

These days, you can hardly find a well-equipped and maintained kitchen without proper stainless steel pans or similar cookware. The main reason why these have become an irreplaceable part of every kitchen is the fact that they are highly flexible, very durable, easy to maintain, and highly affordable.

A Steel Pan and cookware can be used for a wide range of various cooking applications. Their main features include metal alloys that are stain-resistant and durable. Even though steel is not the best heat conductor, steel pans still provide a good number of benefits that easily outweigh the limitations. For the sake of this article, we will focus on the benefits of using steel pan.

Non-reactive properties

hjdfjhd784The vast majority of steel pans are constructed with non-reactive metals, which are well-known for their hygienic properties. The unique surfaces of steel pans benefit from the fact that they contain no cracks or pores. As a result, they harbor no dirt particles, grime or bacteria. Since steel pans are non-reactive, they are an excellent choice for cooking foods that contain heavy alkaline or acidic content. Steel pans are also highly sought after because they do not affect the appearance, as well as the taste of the food. In addition, they are perfectly resistant to corrosion that some alkaline or acidic foods can cause.

Pleasant aesthetics

Steel pans are also known for their looks, which many consider very elegant and smooth. Many find them aesthetically pleasing and display them throughout their kitchens, so as to improve the overall feel and atmosphere. Steel pans are commonly composed of at least two types of metals. One of the types, usually steel, is responsible for the reduction or prevention of dust buildup. As a result, a quality steel pan does not easily rust and chip and preserves its pleasing aesthetics for a long time.

Highly durable and easy to maintain

Another reason why many want steel pans in their kitchens is the fact that they are very durable. They are exceptionally resistant to scratches and dents. Thanks to their durability, steel pans are also very easy to maintain, as well. You can easily remove all kinds of spots and burnt food. To do that, you will not have to use any expensive chemical products or resort to tiresome scrubbing. All you have to do is fill the pan with soapy water until it boils, which will release all the food leftovers. If using boiling water is not enough, using half a lemon against the walls of the pan will surely do the trick.

Even heat distribution

hgdhgd764Thanks to the thickness of their bottom part, steel pans bring the benefit of providing an efficient and uniform heat distribution. A quality steel pan is usually made from 2 or 3 metal layers. In most cases, there are 3 layers, of which two are outer ones, made from steel, while the one sandwiched in the middle is usually made from metals such as Aluminum or Copper. When combined, these metals provide the pan with a highly effective heat distributing ability. Even though all of this means that a steel pan can be somewhat heavy, it will still be considerably lighter than a standard cast iron pan. Not only that, but it will also be much more efficient and versatile.


How to cook using Heißluftfritteuse

Are you fond of eating deep fried foods? If you are, you should be aware that too much oil in the foods that you eat is unhealthy. Excessive fat is one of the major causes of serious ailments like heart disease, obesity, as well as cancer. So, does this mean that you can no longer enjoy your French fries, fried chicken, and other crispy meals? Cheer up because there is a better way to cook healthy meals for you and your loved ones.  This helpful website will help you find the optimal friteuse ohne fett.

What is an Heißluftfritteuse?

Heißluftfritteuse is a modern cooking equipment that allows you to prepare your meals without adding too much oil. Sometimes you don’t even have to add some. This amazing innovation makes use of hot air that is circulated by a mechanical fan. As the air goes around at a very high speed, the food gets cooked and produce a crispy layer.
With this appliance, your knowledge of frying foods will definitely be challenged!


Using Heißluftfritteuse

If you have finally invested in Heißluftfritteuse, and it is your very first time to use it, make sure that you know how to utilize it properly. This way, you will be able to enjoy your potato chips without the guilt while taking care of your new appliance at the same time.

Here are important reminders on how to cook using your Heißluftfritteuse:

Give plenty of space

In order for the hot air to effectively circulate, it is crucial that you don’t overcrowd the foods that you are cooking. This is crucial if you want your meal to be crispy.

Shake the food around

It is necessary that you open the equipment and shake the foods around. This will help them get dry in the basket. It is worth noting that small food items can compress easily, so you should shake it, at least, every five minutes.

A little bit of oil

A small amount of oil will help in preventing the foods from sticking to the basket.


Pat foods dry

Before you put the food in the basket, it is imperative that you pat them dry to avoid excess smoke. This will also ensure that the food won’t splatter inside the equipment.

After using your Heißluftfritteuse, you should clean it thoroughly. Otherwise, you will have the fried food smell in your kitchen. You can soak the basket in water with soap to loosen up any food particles inside. You can also scrub it gently.

Heißluftfritteuse is not just for frying foods. You can also use it to bake, roast, or grill. Indeed, it is a fantastic way of preparing healthier meals for the entire family. It is a must-have for your kitchen.