Finding the perfect awning for you

The usage of awnings dates back to the times of Syrian civilizations and ancient Egypt. One of the most significant is the velarium which could be stretched over the massive seating complex of the Roman Colosseum. Through rain or shine, these overhangs provide shade for our convenience.

The benefits of owning one are unprecedented. It lets you control the weather on your terms. It gives you protection from rain showers and shields you from the heat of the sun. Under its canopy, it can be as much as 20 degrees cooler, and it also saves us from air conditioning costs because it keeps the temperature inside colder as well.

There is a variety of choices to choose from. There is an awning for everything. Here are some for you to consider in finding the perfect one for your home.

Manual or motorized

345aaCurrent awnings come in two basic models. They can be manually operated or motorized models. Manual models are opened by hand, while motorized models are operated with electricity. Each has its advantages. For a manually operated one, they have support arms that can be angled back or set vertically which provide extra support and stability. It is also low cost and easily adaptable. On the other hand, motorized models do not have vertical support. They have retracting arms that create a barrier-free shaded area. They can open and close with a click of a button.

Fixed, retractable or inflatable

Fixed awnings are the ones that stay put. It involves building a solid frame for the awning. They are rigid, sturdy, and provide a permanent solution. These are usually used for shop fronts. Retractable awnings are the ones that can be drawn out or drawn back in. The plus side of this is you can control when you want to use it and they can b enclosed using solar screens. It has become quite popular for homes nowadays. A full size inflatable awning is very easy and fast to erect. Although they may be more expensive, their benefits are more than worthwhile. The weight is much lighter, and you don’t have to struggle with the frame.

Construction and wind tolerance

as23aThe crucial things to consider in buying the perfect awning is the construction and wind tolerance. The elements used and how it is built is a critical consideration. Current overhangs are rated by their wind tolerance based on length, width, material, arms, and support. These are a few things to take note.